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33 pictures:

Summits of interest at far end of three days hiking:

Dropped Lucky and Bucky off at the boarder in Montrose.
Lucky is too old for expeditioning and Bucky can't climb
the steep summits.

Saying goodbye to Lucky here:

As high as I could reasonably drive with a sedan.
My trail head at 10,200 feet.  
The actual trail head is at 10,800':

Hiked up from the 10,200' camp to the continental divide 
at 12,700' elevation, from where the first six pictures 
were taken.  This hiking stretch of the divide is about
ten miles long:

Headed for these mountains which are beyond the next pass
to hike over.  (The trail arcs way around):

Into lower elevation:

Camped below Kite Lake at 11,200 feet:

Hiking down after cresting the next (12,800') pass:

Coming into view further below the second pass,
the mountains I first climbed in 1975 - 1977:

Bad weather, limited time ..
so didn't attempt any summits on this hike.

Return trip back up to the continental divide
using an old stream bed:

On the divide again:

Hiking back down Cunningham Gulch:

Hiking down the road where the hike began four days earlier:

Returning to my "trail-head" camp at 10,200':

The base town -- Silverton:

After the San Juans expedition, I amused myself at the 
next camp by cleaning up and shaving, and then getting 
a picture of me while I'm condition.

Documenting the post-expedition gauntness:

Here's where I camped that night:

The next day I rode my bike to the summit of Pike's Peak.

A nice couple from Germany took this picture.

The world-famous donuts and coffee are my reward:

Two pictures on the way down:

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