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 Portland Letters  1937

 Crookston Letters  1942

 Navy Letters  1944-1945

 Minneapolis Letters  1945

 Dad in St. Andrew's hospital 1955
 (11 cards from friends)

 Mom in St. Barnabas hospital 1960 
 (7 cards from friends)

 Wedding anniversary, valentine, birthday,
 Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day cards,
 mostly pre-1960, exchanged between Mom and Dad -

     Part one:  5 from Mom, 10 from Dad

     Part two:  6 from Mom, 10 from Dad

 Kid's cards to Mom and Dad

 85 valentines received by Mom from her
 classmates when she was in elementary school

 Mom's memorabilia

 Dad's memorabilia


 12 (of 20) poem-notes written in
 Helga's friendship album 1907-1909
 80 postals to A.W. Paulson from several young
 women who were courting him as he moved
 about Minnesota and North Dakota, working
 as lumberjack and farm hand as a young man.
 Years 1907 to 1912.  Includes postals from
 Helga, relatives, and men friends.

 Additional family items and stories.

 Additional - 2022

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