I've yet to acquire a wound that I'm not proud of. I took a lot of pictures in the hospital, but didn't think to have one of the cute nurses pose with me. (the eye is still there, and works.) You should see the poor power sander.

The hospital was a 20 hour thing. Drove myself to the local hospital, but it was beyond them, so they arranged to have the U of M do the surgery (under general anesthesia). I drove myself there too after my local hospital beefed up my bandaging. Was more fun than anything else, but I hope I didn't get covid -- was very close to probably six doctors and twenty nurses.

As soon as I got home, I fixed the sander and got back on the step ladder and finished up the sanding of the exterior Vardo walls. This time I kept the sander away from the door hinges, 'cause I'm so smart.

I've always liked to make faces in the mirror, and this has been especially fun. Here's my four favorites.

The harsh sunlight in the room adds to the ghastly effect in the first three. (I can't believe this first one is me.)

The photos are from the first day. My eye started opening a wee bit on its own after a couple of days. I hadn't known what to expect. After the surgery and before I went home, I didn't talk to anyone at the hospital who knew anything about how the surgery had gone. So anyway, it opens about a quarter of the way I'd say, with blurry vision. Would be nice if it gets back to all the way open with clear vision of course.

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