July 28 2023

Two photos:

I was told to look like a tough-guy.  Looks more 
like a scowl.  A good call either way.  It's pretty
much the real me, on a good day.

Fifth year for this zippy 200 cc scooter.

And yes I'm (politely) hell on wheels, at least 
when there's traffic around.  Else, I take my 
sweet time.

Trying to hold off on getting a Suzuki 650
until I wear out the scooter.  The scooter
actually does great on the freeway at 60 mph.
The speedometer goes up to 80 mph.  Never
tried to see how fast it will actually go.

Hard to justify the 650, maybe.  But if one
wants to go on a long road trip in the
mountains with their dog in a side car,
then that just might justify it.

The scooter makes for a very comfortable
recliner with its luggage compartment 
serving as a back rest.  Great for coffee
breaks at Holiday gas stations:

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