May 28 2023

Small wonder that the professor on Gilligan's Island 
is my second favorite television character, after Mr Ed.

I finally learned, twelve years ago, to never throw 
anything away if it has even a remote characteristic 
of potential usefulness.

Everything I've ever thrown away that matches the 
above category has caused me regret.

Odd brackets, pipes and hoses, flat metal bars, 
flanges from defunct mechanisms, all things electrical,
you name it.. fits the category.

Conversely, I've been rewarded by things I've saved.
I love contraptions; and inventiveness (on a crude level)
is intrinsic to my lifestyle.  It pops up seemingly 
weekly in conjunction with the ever-evolving needs of 
my pets, my adventures, my fill-in-the-blank.

Organizing one's stash of useful items is easy.  
One simply needs to consistently file things 
within an approximate two linear foot space
devoted to that item type, whether in the garage, 
the basement or the upstairs.  You'll find things 

Thus, your inventions/repairs come to fruition in a
timely and fun manner.  It's no fun running around 
and spending money when you need to make something 

It is not clutter.  It is adventure.

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