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January 26 2021

The right skis were hard to find this time of
the year, so I devoted a half day to making a pair.

I ripped, sabre-sawed and laminated them from pine 2x4s,
made bindings from bits of old salvaged metal brackets,
and mounted a wide elastic ace bandage with velcro for
the toe holders.  With my hiking boots laced loosely,
my feet will slip out easily in the event of a bad fall.

I made the skis short for easy maneuvering on tight trails
in the woods.

I made the ski poles out of a couple of 1x2 pine boards.

Bart and Lucky pulled me on the skis on the trails at
the Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park this afternoon.
It was splendid.  We went a vast distance.

Six photos:

Shellacing and varnishing:

The skis strap nicely to a day pack:

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