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March 9  2023

Play room:  I've finally assembled a complete, 
permanent and always ready-to-go studio for 
converting VHS tapes, cassette music tapes 
and vinyl records to digital formats.  
Up until now, it's been a fragmented enterprise.

I'm also set up to record broadcast (air-wave) 
television and radio directly to computer.. 
.. it has happened..

My equipment consists largely of other peoples' 
discards.  And since I like watching video/TV 
on tiny black & white cathode ray tube 
television sets, I employ digital-to-analog 
devices in conjunction with RF modulators and 
a good supply of connection converters.

This sort of studio is the next best thing for 
someone like me who hasn't had training in 
electronics repair and therefore can't have an 
electronics repair shop.  In fact, I think I 
prefer it since it's all play and no work.  
I'm hoping to be more advanced in another 
life.  I've begun working my way through 
an electronics book.  We'll see.

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