Sunset Trail

I imagine there will be a reduction in the number of things 
that occupy my time as I grow older.

But three things that I hope to sustain until my dying day, 
even if I live to be 100, are the following:

  Staying slender and fit by means of cycling and free weights.

  (Right up to the present, my physical labor alone has 
  sufficed to keep me slender and fit, but I don't intend 
  to labor indefinitely.  Maybe another decade.)

  12/27/22 note:  I'm finding this first item dubious.

  Camping and hiking in the woods, and having breakfast at 
  little cafes in small towns.

  (Eggs, hash browns, toast, coffee, orange juice, fresh air,
  sunshine and rural folks.)

  Contemplating existence in my easy-chair with my 
  pet rabbit by my side.

  (I don't actually have a rabbit yet.  But if I out-live 
  my dog, I think I'd like to have a rabbit.)

  Meanwhile.. I'm excited about another winter of doing
  upgrades and variations on RogCAD.  Computers are one
  of the best things to ever happen to me.  Writing code,
  especially for something as exciting as 3D CAD, generates
  considerable enchantment and excitement.  It's also served 
  as unexpected cross-training for other aspects of my life.
  Thank you Bill Gates for writing GW-BASIC, still the
  most enchanting programming language ever written.
  GW-BASIC   QuickBASIC   VisualBASIC for DOS  

  VisualBASIC6.0    QB64    PC-BASIC   DOSBox

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