These little 5" and 7" TVs are gotten cheap on ebay, and
it's my preferred means for watching TV.  I bought several
and have three of them hooked up to the same outdoor antenna
for broadcast TV.  There's one in the basement, one in the 
living room, and one on the kitchen counter.  The cables are 
well hidden by running them along the basement ceiling, 
then up to the TVs.

Channels 5.3, 9.3, 9.6 are the only channels with possibilities.

Mr Ed, Get Smart, Hopalong Cassidy ..

.. to name my favorites.

Five photos:

I had to keep them on display for the first few days:

The AM/FM/TV/Cassette player-recorder below is perfect for playing
my collection of old cassettes.  For nostalgia, I can even record
FM broadcasts for playback just like I used to do back in 1970.

(But it's just a decoration, since about all I listen to these days
are chorals and other classical music downloaded from YouTube.)

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