June 27 2021

Cabin washing, staining, painting.

One week trip.

Eight photographs --

Brian's famous pancakes:

Our little camper seen through the kitchen window:

My swimming beach:

Bart wanted to be near me all the time. He tore the wire fencing apart with his teeth, then snagged his collar on the fencing as he escaped. There he was -- hopelessly pinned against the fencing.

Lucky became concerned about Bart's struggle and thought I should know about it, so he issued his alarm. I snapped this photo before freeing Bart, and rewarded Bart for his efforts by letting him hang out with me the rest of the time as I worked. He was supposed to be keeping Lucky (the hopeless strayer) company, but Lucky didn't seem to mind the new system.

Two gold stars for Lucky:

Here's my two smiling dogs I come home to every evening:

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