World's shortest biography -

Fourteen events that significantly elevated my life (1954 - )


1969:  My brother Donald advised me to take typing class. 
       (I was in the tenth grade).

1970:  I learned the basics of computer programming.

1971:  Cross Country coach Myron Anderson took us (his five 
       varsity members) to Colorado for hiking and climbing 
       between my junior and senior year of high school.  
       It got instilled in me.

1976:  I vowed to become and remain self-employed.

1979:  I took extension classes in math at the U of M which 
       led to enrolling at the U of M for three years of 
       math study.

1984:  The Golbergs -- new clients and future friends.

1988:  Little Bear, my cat, my first and most beloved pet,
       came to me as a kitten.  I have Shelley to thank.

1991:  Second hand computers became affordable.
1993:  The Bradys, my forest neighbors in Pine County.

1993:  My 3D CAD program was born.  I have the Bradys to 
       thank.  Long story.

1994:  Jester, my first and most beloved dog, came to 
       me as a newborn puppy.  I have the Bradys and
       Penelope to thank.  Long story.

1995:  Judd and Monica -- new clients and future friends.

2000:  Built my cabin in the woods.  Little Bear, Jester 
       and I spent about 100 days and nights there over 
       the following ten years.

2016:  Bart ( May 26 2016 - August 22 2021 ).

Been a quiet past 21 years, new development wise.

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