A great find:

IDE with C++ compiler for QuickBASIC program code

No magic surpasses that of maintaining the life of old DOS programs written in GW-BASIC, QuickBASIC and VB for DOS; and I wrote a lot of them in the 1990s.

It is impossible to obtain the same feel or functionality of old DOS-ware (i.e. DOS software / DOS programs) when recoding them in modern Windows programming languages.

QB 64 (runs on 64 bit operating system) is an IDE (integrated development environment) that will compile any QuickBASIC or GW-BASIC program code. It compiles the code to C++, and therefore the resulting program will run as a stand-alone program on any 64 bit computer, with no foreseeable end to the compatibility for the code produced. And that "stand-alone" characteristic is by itself invaluable, as I can now share my DOS programs with anyone for them to run on their computers without them having to download emulation software.

My first little test drive with the QB64 compiler. It ran RogCAD for DOS flawlessly:

1 minute 27 seconds:
Watch it turn solid, plus garage deconstruction and construction.

I also stumbled into PC-BASIC, an emulator for GW-BASIC. That too turned out to work flawlessly and runs on Windows 10.

Image generated by FOREBACK.BAS (see https://luebeckdownloads.com)