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Helga's Friendship Album

The door is locked.
The key is in the cellar.
Nobody is home
but Helga and her fellow.

Helga wants a cracker,
no more soup.
Helga has the stomach ache,
poop, poop, poop.

If ever you get married,
do not marry a flirt.
But marry a man that
can mend his own shirt.

I have been looking this
album over and over to see
what others have written.
And all I ask are to have 
my name in your album.

A. Paulson

When you stand upon a stump,
think of me before you jump.

Now I'm at Clarissa Minn.
Best old place I've ever been in.
Everything is great and I'm feeling fine.
Hope you'll write to me some-time.
And do not flirt
with a boy that can't patch his shirt.

A place for my name in your album.
A place for my love in your hearth.
A place for us both in heaven
where friends never more shall part.

Among the many friends that claim
     a kind remembrance in thy breast,
I too will add my simple name
                              among the rest.

I hope you will be happy,
I hope you will be blest,
in a little neat cottage
with the one you love the best.

Helga now and Helga forever.
Larson now, but not forever.

While sailing down the river of life
in your little bark canoe,
may you have a pleasant journey
with just room enough for two.

When you get married
and live upstairs,          (up stars)
don't get crazy
and fall down stairs.     (down stares)

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