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Short videos:

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P H O T O G R A P H S 

This is the look Bart always gives me
when he realizes we're on a road trip:

Flat tire on a hot highway:

On our way again:

A high camp:

Our cowboy camp.  The corral was built in the 1800s:

Our cowboy campfire, using cattle dung:

In addition to our cowboy camping, Bart and I
were on foot for six continuous days in the 
wilderness of the San Juans:

On the Vallecito trail:

I built a log bridge across the roaring Vallecito 
River towards the end of our first day of hiking,
as we could find no good way to cross.

Most of the logs I placed ended up below the surface 
of the water.

We shared a camping spot with another hiker,
Michelle, who helped harvest logs for the bridge.

It set us back half a day, but was fun.

Our log harvesting helper:

On the Vallecito trail.  We actually met one 
hiker, who took this picture at a stream crossing: 

High in the San Juans, miles off the trail.
Our camp at 11,200 feet:

Three pictures from inside our tent:

Storm King Peak (which I climbed in '77):

Bart on watch, with Storm King Peak 
lit by the evening sun:

On towards the high pass:

Bart the mighty conquerer:
(on the pass - 12,800')

Best trip yet for Bart.  The peaks of the Grenadiers 
are way too steep for a dog to summit -- was a silly 
goal, but Bart ascended the infamous scree slope and 
"summited" a high pass.

Three more pictures of Lucky
(in Des Moines six days later):

Stayed with the Talbotts in Kansas three nights
at the end of our trip.  Bob took this photo at
the cattle auction:

Another surprise -- 

Graham Talbott was working on a wood carving each
evening in camp during our 2017 trip.  I didn't know 
what he was making.  He gave it to me when he was 
visiting in Minnesota just after this year's trip:

Bonus video.  Bart and Lucky romping in their back yard:

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