Roger Luebeck, Minnesota

The "show and tell" collection of a neglected 
underachieving eccentric hermit.  Welcome.

olden days:

Engineers' Creed of 1954

Relativity Trail, the book (free pdf file)

Relativity in absolute terms


RogCAD Girder and Panel building set

Chaos etc - equations and graphical output


more olden days:

Favorite Musical Film Clips   (western and others)

The Hermit Thrush

Uptown Ducks

Uncle Wiggily illustrations by George L. Carlson

Uncle Remus illustrations by A. B. Frost

D. Duck, H, D & L  by Carl Barks

Jester's web page  (his story and all of his videos)

Jester's 3 minute slide show

Vintage American Locks


ancient days:

our family website


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