One final adventure before my outdoor work for clients begins --

Our three week spring trip,
late March and early April

Sixteen photographs --

Bart and the cattle being sociable near one of our campsites:

A couple of our campsites:

We managed to get very remote, and we hiked five to eight miles every day, bushwhacking up and down hills, through bogs and thickets. Beautiful Alaska-like landscapes. Bart and Lucky got pretty worn out each day:

I have no idea what was going on here,
but I like the effect, and I like where we are:

We got to know more than our usual share of people on this trip.
Good protoplasm. We also met up with my cousin.

Bart making his way out to me on Lake Bemidji:

We visited my grandparents' old farm.
My grandpa built this little silo in about 1912: