Roger Luebeck

Natural Time

The time of day is not a social convention, and there 
is nothing arbitrary about how the 24 hour clock was 

The time of day is a scientific fact for the very 
reason that the earth's rotation relative to the sun 
is a scientific fact.

It's one thing to have never stopped and given it any
thought.  But of those delusionals who think they can
actually defend false time, I ask:

Did you never make it all the way to kindergarten?

The 24 hour clock is based on the position of the sun.

The earth does rotate on its axis, afterall. 

That is why high noon is 12 o'clock.  And it is why midday is
12 o'clock.  The sun is precisely midway between sunrise and 
sunset, timewise and arc length wise, when at its highest
position, every day of the year, everywhere on Earth.   

And it is why natural time is the only rational target within 
the constraints of geo-political boundaries.  Such boundaries 
might introduce some error, as will the width of a time zone.
Adding error to any such error cannot be justified.

Public and private entities will set their hours as they see fit, 
which is all that's needed to address any concerns about the 
balance between morning and evening lightness or darkness.

   In fact public and private entities regularly fiddle 
   with their hours of operation, regardless of whether 
   or not false time is in effect.  If you change the 
   clocks, nothing prevents them from changing their 
   hours of operation, nullifying your change.  

Voting does not change facts.  The time of day is what it is.
It is not a matter of opinion, any more so than what the sum 
of two plus two is.

My clocks show the correct time and I communicate the time 

03/15/22 update:

In case I didn't already know that I live in Wonderland, the 
U.S. Senate has reaffirmed it.  They just passed by unanimous 
consent a bill to make so-called "Daylight Saving Time", 
rather than actual time (which of course is based on the 
position of the sun), the all-year clock system.

Since there appears to be such overwhelming consensus for 
having more daylight hours after the evening television news, 
there should be no reason that the networks (ABC, CBS, NBC ..), 
all of whom are clearly on board for all-year DST, can't reach 
a consensus to shift their daily schedule by one hour. It 
provides the precise same added daylight in the evening (and
of course less morning daylight) that everyone says they want, 
while preserving natural time. 

In fact, if just ABC cared to move its schedule up one hour,
that would give it an advantage over the others would it not.
The others would quickly follow suit -- if the majority of
society really does want more daylight time after the
evening news or whatever.  Same goes for all other public 
and private business entities.  And if you're not in the
majority with your Daylight Saving Time scheme, then you 
still don't have a leg to stand on do you.

It is sacrilegious and idiotic to have 1:00 be high noon.
Change the hours of operation, not the clock.

Now that the pretenders have read this, they will say: 

"Of course I've considered the cosmological reality."  
[They did not.]  "I simply maintain that the tradition of 
the evening news being broadcast at a certain time -- in 
conjunction with desiring an extra hour of daylight after 
the evening news -- trumps the cosmological reality."

Oh?  The evening news trumps the Sun and Earth?  You are not for real.

I can see the elementary school children being told by their 
teachers that there are 24 hours in a day and that midday is 1:00. 
All the children will know that 24 divided by 2 equals 12, and 
they will all think that adults must be severely mentally retarded.

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