Millions, or more reasonably tens of millions, 
of humble, dedicated, productive geniuses have 
gifted me an enormous array of marvelous 
textiles, machines and electronic devices 
for my comfort, delight and amusement.  
And.. they've provided the music.

Whenever I thumb through the literature 
generated by electrical engineers, electronic
engineers, materials scientists or computer
scientists -- or whenever I simply look about 
me -- I'm humbled to see that I'm not 1/100 
as accomplished as the truly accomplished.

(I've put a lot of thought into it.)

My first overwhelming awareness of what's
actually out there didn't happen until I 
was 35, despite having three years of 
college math and a year of college 
physics behind me.  It's been a regular 
occurence ever since.

The complexity and perfectionism throughout 
the manufacturing sector is perpetually 
shocking to me.

I'm also humbled by the servient workers 
that I see at the stores, who labor under 
the clock to my benefit.  I've had the 
enormous good fortune of being self-employed 
my entire life, and it seems to have been
almost entirely play and freedom.

I've labored full-time over most of the past 
52 years -- I'm sure it's the equivalent 
of 47 years.  Yet, I feel that I lead a 
pampered life which seems to have been 
simply handed to me.

I'm 70.  I'll not likely use the rest of my 
life to try to "make it right"; probably 
just continue to mostly "play" and relax, 
and try to make the lives of my furry 
friends worthwhile.

That's the situation as it stands..

My story about Dr. Gershenson, who gave me
my best experience at the U of M.