March 27 2022

Bart's Life  -  In Numbers and Pictures

It's been five months since Bart died from a lung infection.

It's hard to go on without him.  To help, I finished up this
review, laden with numbers, which I'd begun several weeks ago.

It's easy for me to become despondent over Bart's shortened
life.  But numbers don't lie; thus this review, which helps
to communicate to me that Bart got a great deal out of life 
in his five years, and that his life was well worth living.

Below the numbers are photos of Bart just from a few of 
our hiking trips.

Bart.  May 26 2016  to  August 22 2021

Lived 5 1/4 years (1913 days).

Lived just over five years (apx 1850 days) with me.

As they say in the media.. "What you need to know",
or as I say.. thot you otta know:

Affections                      minimum
-------------------------       -------

Tucked in at night                 1800    

Major pettings                     1000

Minor pettings/greetings           4000  (estimate: 15K - 30K)

My leg                              300

In sleeping bag with me              40
                                    ------- minimum of 7000 physical
                                            contact affections

Play and other affections

Wrestling/mouthing with Lucky       600

Chase games with Lucky              300

Dog-park playing                     50

Throw-toy sessions with me           30  (Bart had only moderate 
                                         interest in retrieval games.)

City adventure

Off-leash Menards high-speed
back-lot runs alongside my truck     10

Off-leash bike runs                  70

Bike pulling (avg one mile)          30

Truck rides in town                1500

Wilderness off-leash adventure

Long, high-speed, joyful runs
alongside my truck on dirt roads
through the woods                     4

Rice Creek, thrashing thru woods     20

Wilderness camps, with roaming       80

Major wilderness hikes
(4 to 8 hours each, 
between 10 and 25 miles per day). 
(Bart's distances would be two to
three times those distances.)        40

Bart's forty major off-leash wilderness hikes, or equivalent:

2016   Oregon, California -
       free roaming in campsite areas,
       a few short day-hikes.                                    1

2017   Bighorns - five major hikes.                              5

       Winds - two major hikes in SE area,
               three major hikes with Talbotts,
               two major hikes in north area.                    7

       South Fork area - high mesa hike.                         1

       Medicine Bow - high ridge all-day
                      and back country all-day.                  2

       Eclipse day hike.                                         1

       Black Hills - major hike and mountain summit,            
                     hiking and roaming in campsite areas.       2

       Lumber hauling - many round-trips to cabin site.          1

2018   Los Pinos - 21 mile one-day hike to Emerald Lake,
                   four-mile hike to higher camp,
                   long day-hike and climb mountain,
                   another long day-hike and climb mountain,
                   25 mile one-day hike to trailhead.            4

       San Juans - over Hunchback Pass to Stormy Gulch area,
                   major hike back to trailhead.                 2

2019   San Juans - Vallecito two-day 21 mile hike to
                   Trinity Creek camp,
                   scree-slope climb to high snowfield,
                   long day-hike to high pass,
                   21 mile one-day hike to trailhead.            5

       Utah - roaming at three campsite areas.                   1

2020   Elm Creek - long hike to creek, bushwhacking.             1

2020   Spring trip - camping, roaming, day-hikes at 
                     three campsite areas.                       1

2021   Spring trip - major hikes over three-week period;
                     at least ten major hikes.                  10

2021   Vallecito campground area - rock scrambling.
       Los Pinos - roaming for four days while healthy.          1


If the numbers aren't enough for me, I look at the pictures:

Fascinated by cattle on the open range:

That's Bart off to the right:

That's Bart in the center:

Bart lying in the shade 
under the tree at 11,200':

Bart on 12,800' pass,
1,600' above our camp,  
next three pics:

That's Bart off to the right:

Next four pics:  continental divide, 12,700'

Bart is off to the left:

Bart looking back at the distant
haze from whence we came hiking:

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