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Dick Van Dyke: 98 Years of Magic       CBS December 21 2023
The entire show was a complete surprise 
to Dick Van Dyke.  He thought he was going 
to the studio to be interviewed.

I liked this show so much that I was compelled
to update the Wikipedia articles for Dick Van Dyke,
JoJo Siwa, Jason Alexander, Skylar Astin,
Rufus Wainwright and Zachary Levi, informing 
of their appearances on the show, after seeing that
it had not yet been taken care of.  I also added
a still-frame image from the show to some of the
articles (see the images below).  (Wikipedia's 
guidelines on the use of fair-use non-free images 
makes it possible that all those images will 
eventually disappear from the articles.  It's
a question of interpretation.)

Also updated the Julie Andrews, Rob Reiner 
and Amber Riley Wikipedia articles informing 
of their appearances on the show.