Noise -----

Sixty years ago:

Commercial and industrial buildings did not utilize air-exchangers that blast the surrounding residential neighborhoods with their soundscape-dominating roar. We could actually leave our windows open to let in fresh air and the sounds of birds without being blasted by these wrongly engineered systems.

How I Made Fridley Quieter    2018 - 2024

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We didn't shatter the days or nights with back-up beepers which can be heard at a distance of 1.5 miles. Why do I need to know that someone 1.5 miles away is backing their vehicle, especially considering that there are a dizzying array of sane and obvious options regarding the interplay between a backing vehicle and the public:

  a buzzer, bell or white noise generator
  rather than a beeper,

  a lower-volume beeper,

  a human spotter/director,

  walking with one's eyes open,

  realistic risk-management..

and no, blind people don't stroll through parking lots or through the loading yards of industrial or commercial facilities.

The gentle, sensible sounds of yesteryear are ever more being superseded by harsh, unjustifiable noise.

Gas-powered leaf-blowers, back-up beepers, wrongly designed air-exchangers, firecrackers, boom-boxes, PA systems, sirens, wrongly located and wrongly designed industrial operations..

The noise has been migrating into the rural countryside and even into the wilderness: ATVs, dirt-bikes, generators, gun-shooting, wood-chipping operations, chain-saws..

The rural countryside has been decimated.