January 7 2022

Acquired and utilized:

digital to analog converters,
pc vga to RCA converters,
rf modulators,
usb media to RCA,
various adapters..

.. and thus my little old analog sets
are now playing all the old movies
and old television shows the world
has to offer.

.. and my ancient DOS programs are
running on those same little sets.

Old shows must be watched on old sets,
and old DOS programs must be run on old sets.


Three pictures:

Now playing -- 

The Santa Fe Trail, starring Errol Flynn:

Running the first GW-BASIC DOS program I ever wrote:

Now playing on an ancient amber crt monitor -- cowboy science fiction 
from 1935, starring Gene Autry in his first movie.

It's The Phantom Empire, a thirteen part serial; later edited into 
a two hour movie entitled Radio Ranch:

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