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All six children.  February 13 2022, which is our parent's wedding anniversary date.

This is at our parents' house where we grew up and where I live.

Current time in Minneapolis, updated every minute:
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High noon is 12 o'clock every day.

Overpopulation/overdevelopment defeats all carbon reduction schemes:
May 13 2021  The fallacy of wind and solar energy  

You might need to blow the dust off these ancient things: Musical (and other) Film Clips (1934 - ) ( including Mr Ed ) * Latest clip: The Proof * Andrew Wiles tackles the 350 year old mystery of X^n + Y^n <> Z^n in an eight year odyssey, working in isolation. This is the best story of personal drama and enchantment I've ever watched. A lovable cast of characters (Wiles and his math colleagues). --------------------------------------------------- RogCAD 3D CAD RogCAD Girder and Panel building set Programming IDE with RogCAD code snippets Chaos etc - equations and graphical output Relativity Trail home page & book purchase Relativity in absolute terms --------------------------------------------------- Lake Calhoun Days Our Family's Olden Days Website --------------------------------------------------- Restoration painting and carpentry more old (and recent) things Bart May 26 2016 - August 22 2021 2017 Turned my kitchen back to the 1950s 2020: 2021: my Schwinn Lucky, Bart and me visiting the Los Pinos Ranch at the Los Pinos trail head in August 2021. Photo taken by the daughter of the ranch owners: