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I wish more people would make personal web pages.  I've rarely read anything other than biographies,
and I especially like autobiographical content.  My own web page has gotten mighty big, but I have 
a hard time abandoning things.  I began these pages in 1996.  Semi-retirement has generated more
frequent additions, beginning in 2017.  Everything's in little boxes.  Boxes full of fun, mostly.

Song of the Birds  --->

Little Audrey and her air rifle.

This is not the slightest bit 
like fiction.  I've heard the 
wailing of a pheasant who was 
grieving at the loss of her mate,
whom Bart had killed for sport
when I was out of sight.  All my
dogs have always known that they're
not allowed to take one step
towards wildlife.  I've also
witnessed an entire community of
blujays in hysterics over a 
helpless chick on the ground. 
4 min 27 sec, with audio.

Every argument I've heard defending hunting lacks validity.
Wildlife populations do in fact eventually self-regulate.  Our farms will survive.
I'd be happy if there was no fishing as well, both sport and commercial.
It's bad enough that there are carnivores; and bad enough that humans ever
needed to hunt or fish to survive.  But sport?

2023 Autumn camp & hike

Summiting the Grand Teton

Wyoming, August 2023

I'd harbored a curiosity about the Grand since
partially climbing it in 1980, and that was
the impetus for the climb.  It was smooth and 
successful and could not possibly have happened 
without the detailed route knowledge and 
expertise provided by Morgan, of Exum

My story about climbing the Grand Teton.

Wyoming 2023 continued

Phenomenal Bucky photos:

Bucky expeditioning

Badlands Bucky

Portraits of the Old West (high country hiking)

Places & Objects

Weather drama

My beautiful truck at camps

November 17 2023

Probably just two more hike-climb trips out west with the little truck.  
Perhaps modest-sized motorcycle with side-car for Bucky thereafter for better
gas mileage.  I expect to keep doing expeditions and climbing in the mountains
for at least another decade. 

Other than adventures of that sort, I can't see me traveling.  The photos 
and videos of the world's places make me feel like I've been everywhere.
And of course people are the same everywhere.  The woods and little towns of
Minnesota are all I could want for my get-aways, when I'm not going to the mountains.

Nice to think about being carbon-nil the rest of my life, like a proper old man; 
maybe even biking for groceries.  I've always preferred a low indoor temperature
in my little house with wool slacks and sweater during the winter months, 
and no air-conditioning during the summers.  And there's little I need to purchase
the rest of my life.  Sounds like a tiny carbon foot-print plan for my old age.
Very cozy.

This is simply my preferred lifestyle, including the little house, 
considering I'm a hermit.  I'm thankful for the big old houses in the city; 
I get to restore them.

Jo Ann's two best:



June 11 2023
Time flies.  Been one year since I had the
honor of playing host for one month to 
Scott Booth, the best folk songwriter/singer
who ever was.  Four albums to date.
Played lots of catch with the baseball and 
rode bikes.  Also had the honor of creating 
Scott's official website for his music.

Listen to my favorites at his website:

May 2 2023
Leaving for our third annual spring trip with 
our little tow-along rustic cabin.

May 12 2023
Just got back from our spring hike & camp trip.
Enchanting videos and still images.
Click: 2023 Spring Trip

November 18 2023
Restoring Mom's State Fair Doll

July 28 2023  Click for: Tough guy?

June 28 2023  Click for: Coffee Heaven

May 28 2023
Clutter.. or of service to our soul?

April 10 2023
Spring.  Thankful for bicycles and hills.
Hill climbing every Sunday morning until August.

April 1 2023
Nothing makes me want to live forever more 
than the look of my house's interior when 
filled with strong morning sunlight.
Some house pictures are lower down.

March 25 2023
Saturday mornings:  Toasted onion bagels and 
Roy Rogers movies.  I tune in for the songs 
and the light-hearted scripts.

March 17 2023
Thankful for the soothing sound of my furnace 
and for the sound of Lucky's gentle snoring.

May 31 2020
Lake Calhoun Days

May 4 2020
Another oops

Bart  2016 - 2021

2022 autumn camp & hike

17 full-size pics                        42 second looping video of Bucky

Our 2022 Hiking trip in The Old West    August / September

Software and math:


  RogCAD Girder and Panel building set

  Programming IDE with RogCAD code snippets

  Chaos etc - equations and graphical output

  Clover milk and strawy breads

  Paint Shop Pro 4.12 image editing

 Home-cooking for dogs and cats.  AAFCO standards.  I've developed 200+ recipes over the past 22 years.

 Case histories of restored vitality and life-extension are included in the document:

 Home-cooking for dogs and cats   <--- Chicken, beef menus.  KD diets.


Relativity in absolute terms

There are only three sane sections in the Wikipedia article 
on the twin paradox of special relativity.  I authored those 
sections in 2011, and they've been there continuously since that time:

Here's the link to the three sections below.

   4.  A non space-time approach
   5.  The equivalence of biological aging and clock time-keeping
   12. No twin paradox in an absolute frame of reference

On several fundamental levels, Relativity Trail eclipses the works of Poincare, Lorentz and Einstein regarding the underpinnings and kinematics of special relativity: link: The originality and uniqueness of Relativity Trail
The twin paradox of special relativity cannot be resolved without acknowledging a hierarchy of clock rates dependent on a hierarchy of inertial motion. © 2022 Relativity Trail explains the time differential between reunited clocks, eliminates the twin paradox, diagrams Einstein's clock sychronization in absolute terms, and ends all confusion regarding relative frames of reference. It's completely compatible with, and in fact subsumes, Einstein's relativity. It reveals what is transpiring behind the scenes of Einstein's treatment. Spacetime is shown to be dependent on Einstein's clock synchronization method, and is properly relegated to a geometrical construct which comes up short as a physical reality. © 2008 Relativity Trail, with 192 pages, 65 diagrams and 75 illustrations, will provide you with complete detailed algebraic derivations of all the kinematical effects of special relativity. Everything is charted out in absolute terms against a system at rest with respect to the totality of the universe for perfect clarity as well as soundness of theoretical basis. It is the totality of the universe that imparts the inertial properties of clock rates and lengths which generate the effects of relativity. This is explained in detail in Relativity Trail

Introductory document:

Relativity in absolute terms
(can be read with comprehension 
in twelve minutes)

Absolute versions of Einstein's postulates 
(a snippet from the above document -- can be
read with comprehension in three minutes)

Twin Paradox Animation on youtube.
Light rays and traveling twins are charted in
absolute terms, free of the misleading space-time

I wrote the program code for the animation using
QuickBASIC for DOS.

 * The Proof *

 Andrew Wiles tackles the 350 year old mystery
 of X^n + Y^n <> Z^n in an eight year odyssey,
 working in isolation.  This is the best story 
 of personal drama and enchantment I've ever
 watched.  A lovable cast of characters 
 (Wiles and his math colleagues).

 * The Flight of the Snow Geese - 1972 *

 Des and Jen Bartlett care for orphaned 
 snow goslings from Hudson Bay to Texas.

 Emmy for cinematography.

 Narration and ballad by Glen Campbell

 Mountain hikes 2016 - 2018

 Mountain hikes 2019

No time for a hiking trip in 2020.

2021 western hiking trip  San Juans

2022 western hiking trip
Snowy Mountains, San Juans, Idaho

Uptown Ducks  click image --->


Restoration painting and carpentry
(my livelihood)

Click image for larger photo.

Jester's web page

Hermit Thrush

Current project (December 2022):

I've long yearned to have a kitchen like the one in
the photo above. I have a room in my basement which
has a full-sized east-facing garden-level window;
and I'm going to build a precise replica of this
kitchen in that room, arranged and sized to fit that
room's shape and window placement.

I'm well stocked on plywood, and I already have a retro
oven and retro frig in the basement, to which I'll apply
a white enamel finish.  I also have a retro table of the
same size as the one in the photo, whose formica top 
I'll change to red with full-gloss polyurethane enamel.

I just finished modeling it in RogCAD

 Click this link to see all 29 
 of the short musical clips:

 Western musical (and other favorite) film clips


 (1934 -      )  including Mr Ed

 and including Liberace playing 
 Mack the Knife in four styles.

24 picture slide show, with sound.  Activate audio.

More of Little Bear: Jester's page

 Archives:  more old (and recent) things


Our family history website   <---  Stories, photos, memorabilia

the reality  --->   My pampered life

Current time in Minneapolis

High noon is 12 o'clock every day.

Stories from the university

Arithmetic of wind and solar energy


Photos  2019 - 2023    Bart   Lucky   Bucky   Roger   house

Photo date:  November 26 2023


2022:  At Aldo's & Lucila's house

2021:  my Schwinn



three cousins (Tricia, Theresa, Robin) and my brother:

House pictures, December 2022

My studio for converting VHS / cassette tape / vinyl records 
to digital formats.

Also set up to record live television and radio broadcasts:


 Archives:  more old (and recent) things


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