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Click to read: High noon is 12 o'clock, every day of an intelligent person's life.
Bart May 26 2016 - August 22 2021 2020: You might need to blow the dust off these old things: Musical (and other) Film Clips (1936 - 64) ( including Mr Ed ) * Latest clip: The Proof * Lake Calhoun Days --------------------------------------------------- Relativity Trail home page - U of M book purchase Relativity in absolute terms RogCAD 3D CAD RogCAD Girder and Panel building set Chaos etc - equations and graphical output Nonsensical energy reporting May 13 2021 --------------------------------------------------- archives & recent --------------------------------------------------- 2017 Turned my kitchen back to the 1950s Lucky, Bart and me visiting the Los Pinos Ranch at the Los Pinos trail head in August 2021. Photo taken by the daughter of the ranch owners: