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You might need to blow the dust off these old things.

Musical Film Clips  (1936 - 64)  ( including Mr Ed ! )

Lake Calhoun Days

Our Family Website

Bart and Lucky

Camping trailer (1)    Camping trailer (2)    Camping trailer (3)

Bicycle tire snow chains  2020

John Finkle Boats

Engineers' Creed of 1954 Relativity Trail, the book (free pdf) Relativity in absolute terms RogCAD 3D CAD RogCAD Girder and Panel building set Chaos etc - equations and graphical output Climate, geology, nuclear energy
Hermit Thrush in Minnesota Uptown Ducks Jester's 3 minute slide show (Please click) Jester's web page (his story and all of his videos)
Restoration Artwork from 1981-1983 fb life events & posts Photo albums, trips --------------------------------------------------- Vintage American Locks --------------------------------------------------- DIY virus mask Another oops (danger - don't click if you're squeamish.)