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March 25 2023

Saturday mornings.  Toasted onion bagels and 
Roy Rogers movies.  I tune in for the songs 
and the light-hearted scripts.

March 17 2023

Thankful for the soothing sound of my furnace 
and for the sound of Lucky's gentle snoring.

I've had a website up since getting on the Internet in 1996, but 
it was tiny until I started adding more of my activities in 2017.
Things add up fast in spite of trying to minimize it.

2022 autumn camp & hike 42 second looping video click: 17 full-size pics Click: Our 2022 Hiking trip in The Old West August / September Relativity Trail is at the bottom of the page.

Software and math:


  RogCAD Girder and Panel building set

  Programming IDE with RogCAD code snippets

  Chaos etc - equations and graphical output

  Clover milk and strawy breads

 Western musical (and other favorite) film clips  (1934 -      )  ( including Mr Ed )

 * The Proof *

 Andrew Wiles tackles the 350 year old mystery
 of X^n + Y^n <> Z^n in an eight year odyssey,
 working in isolation.  This is the best story 
 of personal drama and enchantment I've ever
 watched.  A lovable cast of characters 
 (Wiles and his math colleagues).

 * The Flight of the Snow Geese - 1972 *

 Des and Jen Bartlett care for orphaned 
 snow goslings from Hudson Bay to Texas.

 Emmy for cinematography.

 Narration and ballad by Glen Campbell

Current time in Minneapolis

High noon is 12 o'clock every day.

Lake Calhoun Days

Overpopulation/overdevelopment defeats
all carbon reduction schemes:
arithmetic of wind and solar energy 

Current project (December 2022):

I've long yearned to have a kitchen like the
one in the photo on the right. I have a room
in my basement which has a full-sized east-
facing garden-level window; and I'm going to
build a precise replica of this kitchen in
that room, arranged and sized to fit that
room's shape and window placement.  
I already have a retro oven and retro frig in
the basement, to which I'll apply a white
enamel finish.  I also have a retro table of
the same size as the one in the photo, whose
formica top I'll change to red with full-gloss
polyurethane enamel.

I just finished modeling it in RogCAD

Click image for larger photo.

Restoration painting and carpentry

Hermit Thrush
in Minnesota

Jester's web page

 Mountain hikes 2016 - 2018

 Mountain hikes 2019

No time for a western trip in 2020.

Not posting photos from the 2021 western trip, because 
Bart died during that trip from a lung infection.

2022 western trip  Snowy Mountains, San Juans, Idaho


24 picture slide show, with sound.                           More of Little Bear is at  Jester's page

 Archives:  more old (and recent) things



Village Inn Cafe, Challis, Idaho:

2021:  my Schwinn



House pictures, December 2022

My studio for converting VHS / cassette tape / vinyl records 
to digital formats.

Also set up to record live television and radio broadcasts:

Relativity in absolute terms

There are only three sane sections in the Wikipedia article 
on the twin paradox.  I authored those sections in 2011, 
and they've been there continuously since that time:

Here's the link to the three sections below.

   4.  A non space-time approach
   5.  The equivalence of biological aging and clock time-keeping
   12. No twin paradox in an absolute frame of reference

link: The originality and uniqueness of Relativity Trail
The twin paradox of special relativity cannot be resolved without acknowledging a hierarchy of clock rates dependent on a hierarchy of inertial motion. © 2022 Relativity Trail explains the time differential between reunited clocks, eliminates the twin paradox, diagrams Einstein's clock sychronization in absolute terms, and ends all confusion regarding relative frames of reference. It's completely compatible with, and in fact subsumes, Einstein's relativity. It reveals what is transpiring behind the scenes of Einstein's treatment. Spacetime is shown to be dependent on Einstein's clock synchronization method, and is properly relegated to a geometrical construct which comes up short as a physical reality. © 2008 Relativity Trail, with 192 pages, 65 diagrams and 75 illustrations, will provide you with complete detailed algebraic derivations of all the kinematical effects of special relativity. Everything is charted out in absolute terms against a system at rest with respect to the totality of the universe for perfect clarity as well as soundness of theoretical basis. It is the totality of the universe that imparts the inertial properties of clock rates and lengths which generate the effects of relativity. This is explained in detail in Relativity Trail
Introductory document: Relativity in absolute terms (Twin Paradox in Relativity) (can be read with comprehension in twelve minutes) Absolute versions of Einstein's postulates (a snippet from the above document -- can be read with comprehension in three minutes) Twin Paradox Animation on youtube. Light rays and traveling twins are charted in absolute terms, free of the misleading space-time diagram. I wrote the program code for the animation using QuickBASIC for DOS.

 Archives:  more old (and recent) things