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03/09/2024 note:

In February 2024, during the process of researching a definition for 
use in my article, I stumbled upon an obscure lecture delivered 
by Einstein at Leyden in 1920.  I learned, by way of reading the 
transcript of that lecture, that Einstein had by that time (fifteen 
years after his 1905 paper on relativity) come around to the correct
way of thinking about the nature of space as it relates to special

Specifically, he forcefully argued that there is necessarily an 
underlying frame of reference for the effects of special relativity, 
i.e., a background which needs to be appealed to in order for there
to be standards for distance, clocks and rods.  That is in 
sharp contrast to his original treatment.

Having spent my entire adult life searching the literature for 
anyone other than myself who has understood and articulated 
why that background (call it aether or the totality of the cosmos) 
is not merely an option when it comes to explaining the effects
of relativity, it seems safe to say that thus far only Einstein 
himself rose to the task.  Poincare, Lorentz and Fitzgerald 
did not come close.

Einstein partially rose to the task.  He never did go back and rework 
special relativity in absolute terms with new postulates.  That fell
to poor me alone.  It was a task I never wanted or felt I should have
to do.  I did it in 2008.  It's my book Relativity Trail, which
I sell at the U of M.

You can read what Einstein said in my article.  Take the challenge 
and enrich yourself if you think you're brave enough.

It's a short read:


June 11 2023
Time flies.  Been one year since I had the
honor of playing host for one month to 
Scott Booth -- talented folk songwriter
and singer.  Four albums to date.  
Played lots of catch with the baseball 
and rode bikes.  Also had the honor of 
creating Scott's official website for 
his music.

Listen to my favorites at his website:

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May 12 2024
Found: New endurance training area: 
The western slopes of the Never Summer 
Mountain Range in north-central Colorado.

April 28 2024
Spring.  Thankful for bicycles and hills.
Hill climbing every Sunday morning until August.

February 12 2024
Reel-to-reel  tape decks restoration

February 01 2024
Hi-fi review

March 1 2024
MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) turns fundraising 
into riches for its managers and key employees.

The eight highest-paid employees received between
$420,000 and $652,000 each in compensation in 2021.

MPR paid out 9 million dollars to nonemployees for 
unspecified services in 2021 alone.

85 million dollars in one year just for
employees and professional fees and marketing.

Click on the link above for the full expose'
of their massive ripoff scheme.  This is solely
my own investigation.

May 28 2023

March 25 2023
Saturday mornings:  Toasted onion bagels and 
Roy Rogers movies.  I tune in for the songs 
and the light-hearted scripts.

March 17 2023
Thankful for the soothing sound of my furnace 
and for the sound of Lucky's gentle snoring.

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The preprint for my relativity journal article is at:

Relativity in absolute terms

There are only three sane sections in the Wikipedia article 
on the twin paradox of special relativity.  I authored those 
sections in 2011, and they've been there continuously since that time:

Here's the link to the three sections below.

   4.  A non space-time approach
   5.  The equivalence of biological aging and clock time-keeping
   12. No twin paradox in an absolute frame of reference

On several fundamental levels, Relativity Trail eclipses the works of Poincare, Lorentz and Einstein regarding the underpinnings and kinematics of special relativity: link: The originality and uniqueness of Relativity Trail
The twin paradox of special relativity cannot be resolved without acknowledging a hierarchy of clock rates dependent on a hierarchy of inertial motion. © 2022 Relativity Trail explains the time differential between reunited clocks, eliminates the twin paradox, diagrams Einstein's clock sychronization in absolute terms, and ends all confusion regarding relative frames of reference. It's completely compatible with, and in fact subsumes, Einstein's relativity. It reveals what is transpiring behind the scenes of Einstein's treatment. Spacetime is shown to be dependent on Einstein's clock synchronization method, and is properly relegated to a geometrical construct which comes up short as a physical reality. © 2008 Relativity Trail, with 192 pages, 65 diagrams and 75 illustrations, will provide you with complete detailed algebraic derivations of all the kinematical effects of special relativity. Everything is charted out in absolute terms against a system at rest with respect to the totality of the universe for perfect clarity as well as soundness of theoretical basis. It is the totality of the universe that imparts the inertial properties of clock rates and lengths which generate the effects of relativity. This is explained in detail in Relativity Trail Introductory document: Relativity in absolute terms (can be read with comprehension in twelve minutes) Absolute versions of Einstein's postulates (a snippet from the above document -- can be read with comprehension in three minutes) Twin Paradox Animation on youtube. Light rays and traveling twins are charted in absolute terms, free of the misleading space-time diagram. I wrote the program code for the animation using QuickBASIC for DOS. Updated 07/03/2024